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Who are we?

We are a group of ambitious students from Academic High School of Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. Our team consists of 6 adequately talented members. Each of us specializes in a different field, thus we manage to create a perfect team for Cansat. Our patron and supervisor is D.Eng. Zbigniew Gumienny. The team members are:

  • Michał Zychla (leader)
  • Karol Janic
  • Szymon Jędrzejczak
  • Beniamin Łukianowski
  • Łukasz Orski
  • Łukasz Świszcz

Get to know our mission

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CanSat inside a rocket
Rocket reaches 3km
Rocket opens and CanSats start to fall down
CanSat collects data and sends it back to earth
CanSat has reported its exact position
A microSD card is being ejected


Having set our goals high, we are aware of the problems that may arise. Some of them were solved with ease, and some are more complex. Here are examples of obstacles that we are overcoming:

  • Dimensional problems
  • Measure appropriate descent rate
  • Minimalizing the deviation of horizontal speed

Our approach

We've worked out our own approach for measuring ionizing radiation. It allows us to complete and develop the X-Sat project. Here are some of the ideas we implemented:

  • Integrated multitasking sensors
  • SMD board
  • Well designed parachute